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Smoke was opened for business on April 9, 1999. Co-owners Paul Stache and Frank Christopher are continuing a thirty years' tradition of jazz. At this location it was formerly known as Augies Jazz Bar. When Augies was closed in 1998, Paul and Frank united their resources to reopen the club but were not able to keep the name. In tribute to the screenplay for "Smoke", Paul and Frank renamed the club Smoke.

The room has seats for just over fifty, and this ensures every listener to be close to the action. During renovation of Smoke, the primary point was on creating an unparalleled room for music. The acoustics are some of the best anywhere. Pianist David Hazeltine once remarked, I love playing this room. Its rare that the piano can be heard as clearly as it is in this club. And Harold Mabern added, Its the best jazz club in the world. In ten years since its opening, jazz has continued to prosper at 106th and Broadway and adding a few new chapters to that old Augies legend.

Today Smoke is also a restaurant, and is particularly proud of its union with renowned chef Patricia Williams.