New York

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The Birdland club was opened in 1949 on 106th Street and was called after the legendary Charlie Parker. The current version of Birdland is huge, which can give an air of impersonality. On the other side, comfort hounds tired of sitting on strangers' laps in other clubs will be appreciative. The booking policy is eclectic and brisk, with big names decorating the stage. The sound system is in first-class shape, too.

This is the place which you can recommend as entertainment options for friends, family or business colleagues. Planning a trip to New York City do not forget to include Birdland first thing. When you think of all the various aspects of a "jazz club" experience, especially when it's a special occasion which justifies a bit more expense, GO TO BIRDLAND!

Birdland did the best for providing the ambience, high quality of performance and drink and dining options to which you will want to look forward. The musicians play so good, that you start forgetting about anything else on earth, diving into the charming world of jazz. Jazz-performers have a high level of virtuosity. The food, served in Birdland is just perfect. Close your eyes and fancy a classy nightclub from an old black'n'white sure to include white table-cloths, small candles, and enough silver to provide some magic.