New York

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Jazz is the art of expressing set to music! It is said to be the fundamental rhythm of human life and man's contemporary reassessment of his usual values. There have been written volumes on the origins of jazz based on black American life-styles. The early affects of tribal drums and the development of gospel, blues and field hollers seem to show out that jazz has to do with human survival and the expression of life.

The origin of the word "jazz" is most often originated from a vulgar term used for sexual acts. However, the meaning of jazz soon has become a musical art form, whether under composition guidelines or improvisation, jazz reflected spontaneous music phrasing.

Those who play jazz have often expressed the feelings that jazz should stay undefined; jazz should be first of all felt. "If you gotta ask, youll never know" - said Louis Armstrong. At the beginning, jazz was slowly winning acceptance by the general public, not only due to of its cultural origin, but also because it tended to suggest loose morals and low social status.

New York can be undoubtedly called the capital of jazz. If you find yourself in New York don't fail to call into some jazz club to feel this fantastic music.

New York is the "City that Never Sleeps" and this is not surprising taking into account what there is to do here. First things first. Unless youre going for that homeless look so chic in some parts of Manhattan, we suggest a Manhattan hotel. Like everything else that's expensive, it is all about location, location and the location. It's up to you to choose.